Privacy Policy

Does this website use cookies to keep track of my information?

Yes, this website uses cookies to collect information about the user's computer system, such as the web browser type, IP address, and operating system. They are also used for session management and for personalisation (e.g. shopping cart features).

What types of information does this website collect?

We collect the following types of information:

    * Traditional contact information such as mailing address, phone number, and fax number.
    * Internet contact information such as email addresses.
    * Credit card information.
    * Information about the user's computer system, such as the web browser type, IP address, and operating system.
    * Non-financial identification information, such as username and password combinations.

Do you store my credit card information?

No, we do not store any credit/debit or other financial information.

Why is this website collecting traditional contact information?

We collect traditional contact information for the following purposes:

    * For billing and support purposes.
    * For domain registration account establishment.
    * For website administration purposes.
    * To customise the website for the user on multiple visits to the site.

Who will receive traditional contact information?

Our internal staff and our direct agents, such as our credit card authorization service. For domain registration account establishment your information will be shared with our registration partners, Enom, NetEarthOne and Nominet. In both cases this is done over an SSL encrypted connection to their servers.

Will you ever sell my details to another company?

Absolutely not! We will never sell or share your information with a third-party not outlined on this page.

How long will traditional contact information be kept?

Indefinitely by EZPZ Hosting. For domain registration account establishment, please see Enom's privacy policy.

What are my options for system information?

You may switch cookies off within your browser, however doing so may prevent use of certain functions e.g. shopping carts, signup systems.

I'm a reseller, will you ever directly contact my clients?

The only time we will contact your clients is when supplying you with end-user support. We will never contact your clients with offers or promotions regarding EZPZ Hosting. Occasionally we are contacted directly by a client of a reseller via support ticket. We may respond to these tickets to provide assistance where necessary but we will never make contact with them first.

Law Enforcement

We cooperate with government and law enforcement officials to enforce and comply with the law. We will disclose any information about users upon a valid request by government or law officials as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate to respond to claims and legal process (including without limitation subpoenas), to protect your property and rights, or the property and rights of a third party, to protect the safety of the public or any person, or to stop activity that we consider illegal or unethical.

What if I think that you are not adhering to this statement?

If you believe we are not handling your information in accordance with our privacy policy, please contact us. If for some reason we have violated our privacy policy, we will correct the error as soon as you notify us.

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